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What is in each issue?

Student Leaders International will be published three times during 2015. 

Issue 1, 2015 Issue 2, 2015 Issue 3, 2015

2015 SLI Cover


  August 2015    


October 2015

If you have not used previous issues, you have the option of getting the full back catalogue when you subscribe.

2012 - Two ezines +  teacher modules 2013 - Two ezines +  teacher modules 2014 - Three ezines +  teacher modules

253 LIS BackCatalogue Ezine 2012 thumb

253 LIS BackCatalogue Ezine 2013 thumb  

253 LIS BackCatalogue Ezine 2014 thumb

253 LIS BackCatalogue TM 2012 thumb 253 LIS BackCatalogue TM 2013 thumb 253 LIS BackCatalogue TM 2014 thumb


2014 Issues

Issue 1, 2014 Issue 2, 2014 Issue 3, 2014  
SLI Ezine Issue1 2014 Cover v2 2014 Ezine Issue2 2014 Thumbnail SLI Issue 3 2014  


Student Leaders International will be published three times during 2014. 

Issue 1, 2013 Issue 2, 2013 Issue 1, 2012 Issue 2, 2012
2013 Issue 1 Cover web 2013 Issue 2 Ezine Thumbnail Student Leaders International Edition 1 2012 COVER FINAL small Student Leaders International Issue 2 2012 Cover Small

A publication every three months provides a reasonable time period for teachers and administrators to use the ezine as a platform for regular leadership teaching. The publication and distribution of Student Leaders International will not match the structure of school terms across all countries.

Teachers may keep on school intranets or place copies in school and class libraries for ongoing and repeated use.

Features include:

  • Learning to lead — A starting point for discussion drawn from current media, literature and curriculum updates.
  • Leaders think! — A short, provocative article that prompts students to develop their thinking skills and consider how quality thinking can influence quality leadership.
  • Feature organisations — An overview of how an organisation is trying to improve communities through leadership actions.
  • The theory, the application —  A succinct look at a leadership theory and how it may apply to students in a school setting.
  • Historic leaders — Focus on a famous or infamous leader drawn from world history.
  • Leaders in schools — Examples of ‘leadership in action’, in primary and secondary schools from around the world.
  • Leaders in the community — Leaders share their leadership learning from the time they were in school.

Online features include:

  • Supplements - Additional resources for teachers to use with students.

Student Leaders International

Nearly all students want opportunities to lead. The Student Leaders International ezine provides information, resources, ideas, examples of leadership, topics for debate and activities that teachers can use to foster a leadership culture within a school. 

As importantly, it will introduce students globally to the different leadership perspectives and ideas that exist across cultures.

Student Leaders International is produced not just for elected school captains, councillors and representatives. In most situations, leadership is demonstrated through the actions of people, usually without the need for title. While most students will not have the opportunity to be in a formal school leadership position while at school, all students should have the opportunity to learn about leadership. 

Discussing, reviewing and debating the various approaches to leadership, noting how students across the world are demonstrating leadership in their schools and communities, reading the stories and perspectives of leaders from various fields, are valuable learning experiences for students. Student Leaders International will provide such experiences. 



The Teacher Modules allow teachers to make best use of the free Student Leaders International ezines.

The module provides activities that may be part of a school's leadership program for selected student leaders and/or more broadly in terms of service leadership learning for all students within a school.

You, the teacher, will make this choice depending on your needs and the parameters of your school's student leadership or student development program.

The Teacher Modules for 2015 contain student activity sheets based on each of the articles within the student ezine.

Pervious editions also included activities that integrate with recent leadership research and research, readings and activities for teachers that relate to student leadership concepts.

2015 Issue 1 Teacher Module now available

Issue 1, 2015 Issue 2, 2014 Issue 3, 2014
SLI TM Issue1 2015 Cover Page 01    Published in July      Published in September 


Issue 1, 2014 Issue 2, 2014 Issue 3, 2014
180 LIS TM1 2014 Europe 2014 Thumb TMIssue2 AUS SLI TM Issue 3 2014


Issue 1, 2013 Issue 2, 2013 Issue 1, 2012 Issue 2, 2012
Teacher Module Edition1 2013-Australia Cover LIS 118 TM Europe Thumb Teacher Module Edition 1 - 2012 Page1 Page 01 TM Cover Issue 2


Schools must join the network. They will be automatically sent the Teacher Module, along with other associeted resources, when they are published.


Join the network


Posters are constant visual reminders that relate to student development, student behaviour and student leadership.

Posters have been developed to link with articles in each edition of the student ezine. The eposters are delivered to you as PDF or jpeg files so you can use them across your school each and every year. (Make sure you keep your files safe after downloading.)

Posters can be printed and used by teachers either with or without links to the ezines articles. Many teachers also use the files as screensavers on computers.

Sample 2015 eposters. (Available in colour and greyscale.)
2015 1 Stop injustice Thumb 2015 1 Science frontier Thumb 2015 1 Glory leader Thumb7 2015 1 Challenge Thumb

Previous samples

2012 Posters25 LEADERS POSTERS-12 LIS101 Posters 2013 Issue2 bw 5 LEADERS POSTERS GREYSCALE-2


Posters are created in A3, but may be printed in A4 size by adjusting your printer settings.


If a school joins our network they receive all poster files related to a specific isue of the ezine. This service is a major benefit of the network subscription. We also send the school all files so educators at that school do not have to go through the shop each time there is a new edition. (Join the network)


Fair and Ethical Use Policy

Purchasers of posters may print multiple copies for one specific educational site only or place them on a single-site based intranet. Posters are not to be shared across school or similar educational sites without the permission of Doctrina Education Pty Ltd. Licences for multiple sites are available on request.

Posters are not to be onsold without the permission of Doctrina Education Pty Ltd.

Posters remain the intellectual property of Doctrina Education Pty Ltd.

Resources for Network Schools

A variety of resources will be made available to schools during 2014.


The first of these resources is a focus on the inspirational leadership of Nelson Mandela. The e-resource, "Learning Leadership from Mandella", will be available for free for those schools that join our global network before 31 March 2014.

 37171 Mandela cropped

 UN Photo/Pernaca Sudhakaran

eLearning Video Lessons Plans

The web has a large volume of video resources that relate to leadership. Some of these can be used in a school environment. Page 1 Online Lessons

We will be providing to schools within the network, a series of lesson plans that can be used ito support a school's student development and/or student leadership program.

Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to get future updates.

Join the network to receive these additional resources.


International Confederation of Principals

The International Confederation of Principals (ICP) is the only global network of principals’ associations. The ICP has a focus on ‘Linking, Lifting and Leading Learning across the globe.

The ICP, through its principal association members, reaches over five continents, to tens of thousands of schools, hundreds of thousands of educators and multi-millions of students. We have great potential to make a positive difference in both educational and community settings. the ICP is very supportive of its intent to build leadership capacity in young people and to encourage a service and community leadership perspective.

We believe Student Leaders is a resource that will help teachers in all communities —small, remote, regional, island, urban, ghetto, impoverished, affluent— to build a shared understanding of community and service leadership. It’s educational message and focus on helping within communities is a leadership model that we believe will benefit the growth of tolerant, humane and supportive communities worldwide.

Ted Brierley, Executive Secretary, ICP

Youth and United Nations Global Alliance

The next generation holds the key to the future. The Youth and United Nations Global Alliance (YUNGA) believes that the world’s youth should be empowered to take the lead on issues of global concern, such as universal equity or environmental conservation, and that their efforts should be recognized and celebrated. The work Leaders in School is doing to build up an international community around the theme of youth leadership is therefore both timely and highly enriching. It offers young people a forum in which to communicate and share their efforts and experiences, and supports their teachers and educators in connecting their work with like-minded groups globally.

We greatly look forward to seeing how young leaders around the world make use of the opportunities and inspirations Leaders in School draws their attention to, and the collaborations it facilitates.

Dr Reuben Sessa

International Youth Council (youth assembly of the United Nations)

It is with pleasure that we support the development and distribution of the e-zine Student Leaders International. We welcome all forms of publication that enhance the global education sector. With the increasing demand for global education, the world needs young leaders who have an understanding of the need to act locally, complimented with international knowledge and perspectives. Student Leaders International helps provide such awareness. We look forward to the success of their efforts on all fronts!

Lindsay Ashby
International Youth Council

Organisations that support us



The International Confederation of Principals



International Youth Council



Youth and United Nations Global Alliance



Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations®



Africa 2.0



Friendship Ambassadors Foundation

What's new in 2015

For nearly five years, Student Leaders International has been provided as a free resource to teachers across the world.

It has been wonderful to see the level of educator interest in developing student leadership concepts in classrooms globally. It has also been pleasing to see various providers of leadership programs using these resources within their own programs. A wonderful endorsement!

The time and financial demands of publishing the ezine, teacher module and associated resources however are increasingly high. For this reason, the free service can no longer be sustained.

From 2015 onwards, schools will need to be a member of the Student Leaders International Network of Schools to access both current and future resources. Membership of the network is the cheaper method of accessing the resources. The alternative will be to purchase each issue as a package of ezine, module, eposters plus supplement at a more higher rate.

Alternatively, my company is partnering with various principal and teacher associations, non-profit organisations etc who have a commitment to better preparing all students to recognise leadership activities that contribute to society, as compared to those that destroy society. (We are seeing far too much of this currently.) Through these groups, educators in specific countries will be able to purchase the resources, usually for a lower yearly fee.

I remain committed to the idea that leadership - good and bad - changes the world, and that as educators we have a responsibility to help students in our care to recognise the difference. Leadership in schools must acknowledge the efforts of students within that system, but must also bridge local to global contexts, with appropriate depth for all students, not just the few.

Our world needs good leadership. We must play a part in fostering that potential.


From 2015 there will be a stronger focus on the teaching of leadership within the subject areas that are common to our courriculum. Four obvious examples are History, Science, Citizenship and English.

  • History in all education systems id drenched in the stories of leadership. History provides a rich canvass for teaching students leadership.
  • Science is increasingly recognised as a new frontier in leadership activities. While climate change is often the media battlegraound, there are scientists leading in many areas, trying to make positive change to improve society.
  • Citizenship has been the traditional arena for many leadership programs within school. It will continue to be so, but should not be the only prism through which they learn about leadership.
  • English also provides an 'out-of-the-box' home for leadership. Literature in all its forms provides 'leading characters' that display certain attributes. Leaders use language to share and communcate their message. 

The suite of Student Leaders International resources are continuing to improve and develop with the feedback of educators and in response to the real-world needs of communities! Thank you for that support.

Education providers, associations and entities are invited to contact me if they have ideas for localised arrangements.

Yours in student leadership development

Founder: Ken Swan


Noor (Bahrain, aged 13)

Noor (Bahrain, aged 13)

I am extremely enthusiastic and anticipative about my future and I aim to make a difference not only in my country, Bahrain, but on every bit and corner of the map; every nation and region of the globe. Dear fellow females, never allow your culture or community to underestimate your abilities; never surrender to any insecurity you face, or allow any man to consider you as inferior. You are strong, you are valiant, you are ingenious, you are beautiful and above all, you are a woman.

Students who lead

  • Noor (Bahrain, aged 13)

    I am extremely enthusiastic and anticipative about my future and I aim to make a difference not only in my country, Bahrain, but on every bit and corner of the map; every nation and region of the globe. Dear fellow females, never allow your culture or community to underestimate your abilities; never surrender to any insecurity you face, or allow any man to consider you as inferior. You are strong, you are valiant, you are ingenious, you are beautiful and above all, you are a woman.

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