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About us


ken-swanKen Swan
Dip T., B.Ed.,M.B.A.(Exec), GD Ed (Computer)

Hi. I have been an educator in public education for over 25 years, having had opportunities as a teacher, deputy-principal and principal in schools of various sizes. I have also been an education adviser and curriculum specialist with Queenslands peak curriculum authorities over a ten year period. Supplementing this school sector work I have also tutored and authored in the tertiary sector.

I hope to, through the Leaders in School programs and Student Leaders publication present all students with opportunities to think, discuss and learn about leadership concepts.

I believe that all young people should have opportunities to learn about leadership, and that they can develop leadership knowledge and skills through practise, mentoring and a commitment to learning.


International contributors

If you have a passion for leadership, especially service and community-oriented leadership, and you would like to contribute toward future editions of Student Leaders Internaitonal, please make contact. We would like to hear from you.

Recently contributors have include:

  • Mr Will Davis: Aboriginal educator and community leader
  • Professor Julia Flutter, Faculty of Education, University of Cambrifdge, UK
  • Dr Eimear Enright, School of Human Movement Studies, University of Queensland, Australia
  • Margaret J Wheatley: Leadership and management consultant
  • Leaders from Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa,  United States of America, Uruguay.

Students who lead

  • Noor (Bahrain, aged 13)

    I am extremely enthusiastic and anticipative about my future and I aim to make a difference not only in my country, Bahrain, but on every bit and corner of the map; every nation and region of the globe. Dear fellow females, never allow your culture or community to underestimate your abilities; never surrender to any insecurity you face, or allow any man to consider you as inferior. You are strong, you are valiant, you are ingenious, you are beautiful and above all, you are a woman.

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