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What are the benefits for students in my school?

Nearly all students want opportunities to lead. Student Leaders International provides information, resources, ideas, examples of leadership, topics for debate and activities that teachers can use to foster a leadership culture within a school.

Most students will not have the opportunity to be in a formal school leadership position, but all students should have the opportunity to learn about leadership.

Discussing, reviewing and debating the various approaches to leadership, reading how students across the world are demonstrating leadership in their schools and communities, noting the stories and perspectives of past students who have gone on to become leaders in their fields, are valuable learning experiences for students.

How do you suggest we use Student Leaders in our school?

While there will be an inclination to focus on your existing leadership group, we hope Student Leaders International is used with as many students as possible across all year levels, especially in the secondary school.

Teachers may:

  • refer and discuss articles in their home class or as part of a pastoral care program
  • encourage existing senior leaders to develop mentor programs for younger students based on each issue
  • discuss an article from each issue on assemblies or in leadership clubs/networks
  • place it on notice boards in classrooms and the library
  • include aspects of each issue in school newsletters
  • incorporate into curriculum learning where appropriate
  • feature a different article in group activities within your classroom.

Student Leaders International is a resource. The views and perspectives in the publication offer an opportunity for discussion and debate. Hopefully, with teacher guidance, they will stimulate and challenge student thinking and enhance student leadership.

Can we get the file sent to us as a Word document?

The file is only sent to you as a PDF.

How do we submit our school examples of leadership?

You must email stories with the necessary permissions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Each story must be submitted using the appropriate form which includes a school principal declaration. Any image that is to be included in the article must be of a suitable resolution, minimum 500kb. Student photos must have permission included in the principal letter. Articles must be no longer than 300 words and may be edited as required.

Full details with suggested forms are available in the Forms main menu item.

Why is the e-zine quite lengthy?

Most of Student Leaders is examples of leadership being demonstrated in schools across the world. This takes considerable space. As we also want to feature a few well-known leaders and their leadership journeys and perspectives in each edition, and provide some leadership news articles, there was a need to develop a publication of this size.

Why is there a focus on historical leaders?

In recent years there has been an ongoing debate about learning from the past. Many politicians and media commentators make claim that students do not know enough about our history. This article provides a brief biography of a person from our history, their impact on society, and the challenge and risks of leadership they experienced.

Students who lead

  • Noor (Bahrain, aged 13)

    I am extremely enthusiastic and anticipative about my future and I aim to make a difference not only in my country, Bahrain, but on every bit and corner of the map; every nation and region of the globe. Dear fellow females, never allow your culture or community to underestimate your abilities; never surrender to any insecurity you face, or allow any man to consider you as inferior. You are strong, you are valiant, you are ingenious, you are beautiful and above all, you are a woman.

    Read More
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