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You may submit your personal story of leadership by either:22173184 l

  • using this online form, or
  • downloading the Student Leadership Article Advice Form, writing your draft article after considering the advice, and then emailing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

You will receive feedback on your draft, enabling you to complete a final, more polished final draft. 

You must also submit at least two high resolution images, with captions, that relate to your article. If there are other people recognisable in the image/s they must give permission to have their image published.

Download - Student Leadership Article Advice Form (PDF)


Leaders in the community, business, environmental issues, science, education, academia, politics, the Arts, etc may use either of the choices below to submit their leadership-related article. 

Option 1: Leader article

Complete this online form if you wish to write a personal story about your leadership journey including reasons, challenges, obstacles, resilience, mentors and mentoring, learning, etc.

(You may wish to write your article elsewhere, and then cut and paste into the online form.)

Option 2: Q & A (Parts A, B, C)

If you would like to use a question-answer approach for your article, then complete these online forms. The process is divided into three parts.

Go to form



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