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    Thank you to schools across all regions for sharing this responsibility.

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    Student Leaders International
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    If teachers don't teach leadership, who will?
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Network of Schools 2015-2016

Join the Student Leaders International Network of Schools

This is network of schools with educators committed to: michaeldb091000011 smallest

  • the development of young people as future community leaders
  • improving student awareness of leadership knowledge, understanding and skills
  • student personal development.


All resources are emailed directly to your school. No more need to download and go through the shop.

  1. Each issue (3) of the Student Leaders International ezine is emailed to your school directly.
  2. Each issue (3) of the Teacher Module is emailed to your school directly.
  3. ALL e-posters for each issue of the 2015-16 ezines are also sent to your school directly.
  4. EXTRA: Lessons that integrate the teaching of leadership with Science, History, Citizenship and English.

Annual School Fee

  • AUD$165 per year (Includes tax)

Leadership Providers

  • Contact us to discuss a suitable financial arrangement

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