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News for 2015

What's new in 2015

For nearly five years, Student Leaders International has been provided as a free resource to teachers across the world.

It has been wonderful to see the level of educator interest in developing student leadership concepts in classrooms globally. It has also been pleasing to see various providers of leadership programs using these resources within their own programs. A wonderful endorsement!

The time and financial demands of publishing the ezine, teacher module and associated resources however are increasingly high. For this reason, the free service can no longer be sustained.

From 2015 onwards, schools will need to be a member of the Student Leaders International Network of Schools to access both current and future resources. Membership of the network is the cheaper method of accessing the resources. The alternative will be to purchase each issue as a package of ezine, module, eposters plus supplement at a more higher rate.

Alternatively, my company is partnering with various principal and teacher associations, non-profit organisations etc who have a commitment to better preparing all students to recognise leadership activities that contribute to society, as compared to those that destroy society. (We are seeing far too much of this currently.) Through these groups, educators in specific countries will be able to purchase the resources, usually for a lower yearly fee.

I remain committed to the idea that leadership - good and bad - changes the world, and that as educators we have a responsibility to help students in our care to recognise the difference. Leadership in schools must acknowledge the efforts of students within that system, but must also bridge local to global contexts, with appropriate depth for all students, not just the few.

Our world needs good leadership. We must play a part in fostering that potential.


From 2015 there will be a stronger focus on the teaching of leadership within the subject areas that are common to our courriculum. Four obvious examples are History, Science, Citizenship, English and Technology.

  • History in all education systems is drenched in the stories of leadership. History provides a rich canvass for teaching students leadership.
  • Science is increasingly recognised as a new frontier in leadership activities. While climate change is often the media battleground, there are scientists leading in many areas, trying to make positive change to improve society.
  • Citizenship has been the traditional arena for many leadership programs within school. It will continue to be so, but should not be the only prism through which students learn about leadership. Social justice will be a key platform for future issues.
  • English also provides an 'out-of-the-box' home for leadership. Literature in all its forms provides 'leading characters' that display certain attributes. Perhaps more importantly, leaders use the written and spoken work to communcate their message with intent, enthusiasm and wisdom (hopefully). 
  • Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) are critical tools for leaders, aspiring leaders and those who analyse and discuss the merits of leaders. As such, ICT's will also be featured in fortcoming issues and supplements.

The suite of Student Leaders International resources are continuing to improve and develop with the feedback of educators and in response to the real-world needs of communities! Thank you for that support.

Education providers, associations and entities are invited to contact me if they have ideas for localised arrangements.

Yours in student leadership development

Founder: Ken Swan



Students who lead

  • Noor (Bahrain, aged 13)

    I am extremely enthusiastic and anticipative about my future and I aim to make a difference not only in my country, Bahrain, but on every bit and corner of the map; every nation and region of the globe. Dear fellow females, never allow your culture or community to underestimate your abilities; never surrender to any insecurity you face, or allow any man to consider you as inferior. You are strong, you are valiant, you are ingenious, you are beautiful and above all, you are a woman.

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