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International Confederation of Principals

The International Confederation of Principals (ICP) is the only global network of principals’ associations. The ICP has a focus on ‘Linking, Lifting and Leading Learning across the globe.

The ICP, through its principal association members, reaches over five continents, to tens of thousands of schools, hundreds of thousands of educators and multi-millions of students. We have great potential to make a positive difference in both educational and community settings. the ICP is very supportive of its intent to build leadership capacity in young people and to encourage a service and community leadership perspective.

We believe Student Leaders is a resource that will help teachers in all communities —small, remote, regional, island, urban, ghetto, impoverished, affluent— to build a shared understanding of community and service leadership. It’s educational message and focus on helping within communities is a leadership model that we believe will benefit the growth of tolerant, humane and supportive communities worldwide.

Ted Brierley, Executive Secretary, ICP

Youth and United Nations Global Alliance

The next generation holds the key to the future. The Youth and United Nations Global Alliance (YUNGA) believes that the world’s youth should be empowered to take the lead on issues of global concern, such as universal equity or environmental conservation, and that their efforts should be recognized and celebrated. The work Leaders in School is doing to build up an international community around the theme of youth leadership is therefore both timely and highly enriching. It offers young people a forum in which to communicate and share their efforts and experiences, and supports their teachers and educators in connecting their work with like-minded groups globally.

We greatly look forward to seeing how young leaders around the world make use of the opportunities and inspirations Leaders in School draws their attention to, and the collaborations it facilitates.

Dr Reuben Sessa

International Youth Council (youth assembly of the United Nations)

It is with pleasure that we support the development and distribution of the e-zine Student Leaders International. We welcome all forms of publication that enhance the global education sector. With the increasing demand for global education, the world needs young leaders who have an understanding of the need to act locally, complimented with international knowledge and perspectives. Student Leaders International helps provide such awareness. We look forward to the success of their efforts on all fronts!

Lindsay Ashby
International Youth Council

Organisations that support us



The International Confederation of Principals



International Youth Council



Youth and United Nations Global Alliance



Annual Youth Assembly at the United Nations®



Africa 2.0



Friendship Ambassadors Foundation

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